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Healing E-books, Manuals, & Videos

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Lessons from Miracle Doctors (free! right-click to save)

A PDF Step-by-step Guide to Optimum Health & Relief from Catastrophic Illness - by Jon Barron

There is a network of elite herbalists, holistic healers, and renegade medical doctors throughout the world, performing miracles on a daily basis. Thousands of people throughout the world have come to these "miracle doctors" terminally ill, and thousands have left healthy. Now, the secrets of these Miracle Doctors is revealed in Jon Barron's step-by-step guide to optimum health and relief from catastrophic illness.

Conquering Diabetes Using Natural Methods

The purpose of this e-book is to help you understand what causes Type II Diabetes (lifestyle induced) and how to restore balance to achieve ultimate or renewed health.

Your body can heal itself without drugs and their painful or deadly side effects. You can live a long and healthy life.

The Complex Instant Manual

"Finding and Treating the Hidden Aspects to Your Problem"

Complex Instant, which builds on the concepts of Instant BSFF, is a great system which helps you to locate and treat hidden aspects to your problems. While many energy psychology approaches help you to treat a particular issue, Complex Instant guides you in locating and treating a vast array of related and connected issues.

Download here (98kb)

Conquering Infertility Using Natural Methods

If you put forth the effort and follow our program, within 6 months you should become pregnant. 

In the majority of cases, infertility in men and women is a direct result of: lack of proper nutrition, obesity, lack of exercise, emotional disturbances and toxic buildup in the system.

Balancing Your Hormones Using Natural Methods

Hormone imbalance can be reversed! Look and feel better than ever, just take the time to learn about yourself and read the information contained in this just released e-book about reversing hormone imbalance. Are you ready to finally look and feel great? If so…read on...

Conquering Heart Disease Using Natural Methods

Poor health and degenerative disease are caused by poor choices and the environment you expose yourself to. 

Good health is attainable, disease is curable and preventable, when we empower ourselves with the correct information and proper knowledge. Your body can heal itself without drugs.

EFT Course (Full Video Set)

Based on impressive new discoveries involving the body's subtle energies, EFT has been clinically effective in thousands of cases for Trauma & Abuse, Stress & Anxiety, Fears & Phobias, Depression, Addictive cravings, Compulsions & Overweight, Children's issues and hundreds of Physical Symptoms including headaches, body pains and breathing difficulties. Properly applied, over 80% achieve either noticeable improvement or complete cessation of the problem. It is the missing piece to the healing puzzle.

  • Often works where nothing else will.
  • Usually rapid, long lasting and gentle.
  • No drugs or equipment involved.
  • Easily learned by anyone.
  • Can be self applied.

The EFT Course contains over 13 hours of quality video instruction on all the EFT basics as well as the "art of delivery". This is the foundational course from which thousands of professionals and lay people alike have learned EFT. You can begin using EFT after the first video. 

  • 13 full length videos on 13 CDs
  • 4 hours of audios on 1 CD
  • The EFT Manual on CD
  • All for $60--discounts available
  • Money back guarantee

Read More or Purchase

Introduction to EFT

Learn about EFT by reading Patricia Carrington's books: (click on image to visit site, or click here)

Buteyko Breathing Method

• Learn to stop asthma attacks without medication
• Reduce your medication intake and expense dramatically 
• Reduce your symptoms of asthma, sinusitis, hayfever, breathlessness, allergies etc. 
• Gain a greater understanding of your condition and medications 
• Experience improved performance in sports and exercise 
• Sleep soundly through the night and awake refreshed

The Buteyko Method consists of a series of effective breathing exercises. Once breathing patterns are normalized, asthma symptoms dramatically decrease along with medication intake.

Read More about Buteyko here

or Purchase downloadable e-books and other related products from their website: www.nqnet.com/

Free 34 Page 
Extract (.pdf)

Cure Your Cancer

When his former wife, Marjorie, died on November 1st, 1994 after a four-year bout with ovarian cancer, Bill vowed that “there must be a better way” to treat cancer. 

This edition of “Cure Your Cancer,” published in January 2003, incorporates all the knowledge he gained from the many doctors and cancer researchers who contributed to his 35 newsletters and from his thousands of readers all over the world.

This is “how-to” book. It encourages you to take charge of your health and gives you the guidance you need to do just that.

Buy Full Version:
ebook (.pdf) version | paperback/hard cover version

EFT Tapping Chart (189kb) 

The TapIntoHeaven.com website provides the best put together chart I've so far seen for EFT.

Download by right-clicking here and save file to your hard drive. [ Download Chart | View Chart ]

Visit the TapIntoHeaven.com website

How to Relax and Talk with your Subconscious (17k)

This file explains a relaxation technique you won't believe until you try it. You can use this simple method to relax or to drift into a restful sleep, and also use it to find the best friend in yourself and to utilise this aspect of yourself to allow you to make better decisions with everything you do.

Download here

EFT Manual by Gary Craig

Covers the following and way more!

Testimonials, Emotional Freedom, Healthy Scepticism, Case Histories, The Science Behind EFT, The body's energy system, Dr. Callahan, The Discovery Statement

  • The Basic Recipe
  • The Setup
  • The Sequence
  • 9 Gamut Procedure
  • Reminder Phrase
  • Using EFT on Fears and Phobias
  • Using EFT on Traumatic Memories
  • Using EFT for Addictions

Tips on How to Apply EFT, Aspects, EFT in a Nutshell, Questions and Answers, 

Case Histories: Fear of public speaking, Asthma, Sexual abuse, Anxiety and fingernail biting, Fear of spiders, Coffee addiction, Alcoholism, Grief, Fear of needles, Addiction to "peanut M&M's.", Physical pain, Low back pain, Guilt and insomnia, Constipation, Body embarrassment,  Lupus, Ulcerative colitis, Panic attack, Fear of elevators, Psychological Reversal, Collarbone Breathing Problem, Energy Toxins, Shortcuts.

Using EFT to Enhance Your Self Image, The cause of a poor self image, The forest and trees metaphor, Generalization, A Format for Using EFT

Download from the Freebies section on Gary's website (Gary's site will always contain the most current version!), or download here for the Fourth Edition on this website - 651kb

Visit Gary's website

Natural Cancer Treatments.  
Over 350 treatments & 2,000 testimonials 

Acne free in 3 days!  
Home remedy... 100% natural!

Cure your Heartburn.  
All natural cure for heartburn that really works.

Mole, Wart, Skin-tag free in 3 days!
All natural cure.

Quit smoking right now!  
(without patches, pills, or gums, guaranteed.)

Cold sore freedom in 3 days!  
All natural cure.

Muscle Building And Fat Loss Program.

Arthritis Free In One Month.
Cure naturally from home in 1 month!

Cure Your Yeast Infection.
5-step treatment plan.

Stop Snoring In 7 Days.
Cure your snoring naturally from home in 7 days!

Banish Bad Breath & Gum Disease!
No matter how severe it may be!

Asthma Free In 5 Days.  
All Natural Cure for curing asthma in as little as 5 days!


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