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I hope you have come to the same happy conclusion that I did a few years ago! That we humans don't have hundreds of different maladies and disturbances. We only have two! Things that crawl or climb into us. And toxins: unnatural chemicals that we unknowingly inhale or consume.

The living things are both large and small: from worms we can see, to microscopic bacteria, viruses and fungi. The non living things are pollutants in our air, food, dental metal and body products. Taking in a lot of pollutants hampers the body's ability to kill and get rid of the invaders. And so, gradually, as we get older or sicker, the body's invaders get the upper hand and take over. Don't be discouraged if you have lupus, cerebral palsy, cirrhosis, or any complex-sounding disease. Every disease is an example of the same process.

The good news is that our body can reclaim its sovereignty by throwing the rascals out. We must assist by throwing the pollutants out. Fortunately, we don't have to do the whole job ourselves, we only need to assist. Our body has miraculous powers to clean itself up.

By reducing chronic disease to two problems, it becomes manageable. Ill health, even aging, can be reversed. Health comes back and rewards you.

With the new electronic insights and technology, our parasitic invaders can be vanquished with the closing of a switch. Preventing reinfection is the bigger challenge. Similarly, pollutants can be uncovered in as short a time as days, short enough to turn any sick, even terminal, sufferer's verdict around before tragedy occurs.

The tragedies of surgery, organ replacements, radiation, chemotherapies, doses of drugs, even death can be avoided. Reversing illness and turning into a shining example of your former healthy self could be the most exciting adventure of your life.

Killing your invaders is an easy matter: you simply purchase or build the device that can do that and take the proper herbs. Cleaning up dentalware is under your control, too - a financial expense not beyond your reach, hopefully. Trading your body products for unpolluted varieties is a job but not insurmountable. Cleaning your environment may be the stumbling block. If you can't unpollute your air, water, carpets, furniture, move. Move to a healthier dwelling! Get rid of it all. Like a cat that moves her kittens to a safer place, just move.

The healthiest house is no house. If you have been quite ill, move far enough south to avoid heating and cooling. Sit outside in the shade all day. Use your new wisdom and sharp eye to choose a new dwelling as free of pollutants as you can. No refrigerator indoors. No window air conditioner. No fibreglass insulation. No fossil fuels. No attached garage. No carpets or stuffed furniture, no foam bedding, no fresh paint, no pesticide. Go primitive. Health is primitive. You were born primitive - with health. Even if you weren't, you can undo much of the "inherited" damage.

Don't listen to the new doomsayers, who persuade you nothing can be done unless a gene is replaced. Your genes have been reliable for millions of years. Genes are the most reliable of all biological chemicals in your body. They are not faulty. They are hampered in their tasks. They are commandeered by metals and other species' genes. Those of parasites, bacteria, and viruses. They wouldn't be there if pollutants weren't there. They allow invaders into the most jealously guarded recess of your being: your genes. But now you can throw the rascals out and reclaim your territory. It is not new genes that you need. You simply need your own genes back on the job, directed by your own body, working for you.

End of the Book

The Cure For All Diseases

Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D.



A Cure for Cancer?

"Give me three weeks and your oncologist will cancel your surgery! Learn how to identify and remove what causes your cancer -- your body will do the rest. No conflict with any clinical treatment."
Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark




The Cure for All Diseases by Topic

Parasites & Pollution


Pushing Back Age

- Pushing Back Age - why die before our lifespan is up?
- Diet
- Increase Oxygen
- Incontinence
- Bad Digestion
- Elderly Person's 7 Day Diabetic Diet
- Tremor 
- Weakness
- Heart Disease
- Feeling Comfortable
- Hearing Loss
- Insomnia
- Healthful Habits
- Not Old Yet
- Super Longevity
- Dying

Curing Cancer

- Curing Cancer
- Propyl Alcohol Polluted Products
- Getting Well After Cancer
- Herbal Parasite Killing Program
- Maintenance Parasite Program
- Pet Parasite Program
- Parasites Gone, Toxins Next
- Help Your Family, Too
- Aflatoxin


- Method Of Treatment
- Benzene Polluted Products

Curing The Common Cold

- Tapeworm Stage or Mites
- Molds and Colds
- The Cure
- Mold Free Diet
- Prevention
- True Origins of Viruses

Body Wisdom and Why Bad Food Tastes Good

- Salt, Fats, Starch, Sugar
- Dislikes (Trust your Body!)
- Outwit the Cravings
- Toxic Food
- Moldy Food
- Mold Avoidance
- Getting away from Grains
- Pets Teach Health Lessons

Easy Lifestyle Improvements

- Living Hand To Mouth
- Better Kitchen Habits
- Better Laundry Habits
- Better Housekeeping
- Getting Rid of Mites

Four Cleanups

- Dental Cleanup
- Diet Cleanup
- Body Cleanup
- Home Cleanup


- Beverage Recipes
- Food Recipes
- Seven Day Sample Menu
- Recipes for Natural Body Products
- Recipes for Household Products
- Natural Cosmetics
- Health Improvement Recipes
- Bowel Program
- Kidney Cleanse
- Liver Cleanse


Final Words

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parts of the book that are only available as images (.gif's)
Front Cover
Bandwidth of Bioradiation of Animals
Bioradiation of Typical Pathogens and Building a Zapper
Building a Zapper
Building a Zapper / "Zapper Schematic"
Building a Zapper
Building a Zapper
Building a Zapper
Parasites and Pollution
Parasites and Pollution
Parasites and Pollution
Pollution Pages
Chemical Toxins
Back Cover


Electricity can now be used to kill bacteria, viruses and parasites in minutes, not days or weeks as antibiotics require.
If you have been suffering from a chronic infection or have cancer, or AIDS, learn to build the electronic device that will stop it immediately. It is safe and without side effects and does not interfere with any treatment you are now on.

Notice to the Reader from Dr Hulda Clark

The opinions and conclusions expressed in this book are mine, and unless expressed otherwise, mine alone. The opinions expressed herein are based on my scientific research and on specific case studies involving my patients. Be advised that every person is unique and may respond differently to the treatments described in this book. On occasion we have provided dosage recommendations where appropriate. Again, remember that we are all different and any new treatment should be applied in a cautious, common sense fashion.

The treatments outlined herein are not intended to be a replacement or substitute for other forms of conventional medical treatment. Please feel free to consult with your physician or other health care provider.

I have indicated throughout this book the existence of pollutants in food and other products. These pollutants were identified using a testing device of my invention known as the Syncrometer. Complete instructions for building and using this device are contained in this book. Therefore anyone can repeat the tests described and verify the data.

The Syncrometer is more accurate and versatile than the best existing testing methods. A method for determining the degree of precision is also presented. However at this point it only yields positive or negative results, it does not quantify. The chance of a false positive or a false negative is about 5%, which can be lessened by test repetition.

It is in the public interest to know when a single bottle of a single product tests positive to a serious pollutant. If one does, the safest course is to avoid all bottles of that product entirely, which is what I repeatedly advise. These recommendations should be interpreted as an intent to warn and protect the public, not to provide a statistically significant analysis. It is my fervent hope that manufacturers use the new electronic techniques in this book to make surer products than they ever have before.


Copyright Notice

The Cure For All Diseases

Copyright 1995 by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D.
All rights reserved.

Permission is hereby granted to make copies of any part of this document for non-commercial purposes provided this page with the original copyright notice is included.

Published in the United States by ProMotion Publishing
3368F Governor Drive Suite 144
San Diego, CA 92122
ISBN 1-887314-02-4
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