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the easy way to quit smoking painlessly
stop asthma - drug free - buteyko works!
eat to lose weight
detoxify your body with aloe vera
dr hulda clark
surgical-free removal of gall stones
colon cleansing
the regular parasite cleanse
components of Aloe Vera...
stress : 30 point plan
stress : the devil within
cure for all cancers extract (238kb)
eft brief

The Cure for All Diseases

cure for all diseases extract (470kb)
the above link contains the full extract (not the full book, but there is still a tonne of information in there, and it takes a real long time to load unless you have a fast connection.

Slower connection? No problem - I have broken some of it down into subjects so that you can jump straight to the information you need:



EFT Articles

(hosted externally)

...Often works where nothing else will.
...Usually rapid, long lasting and gentle.
...No drugs or equipment involved.
...Easily learned by anyone.
...Can be self applied.

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